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Thanks to Florida Times-Union for a fab review of my latest book, BODY SHOP

Through a series of coincidences (“coincidence means you’re going in the right direction”), St. Augustine newspaper reporter Day McKelvey stumbles onto a story with deadly and nightmarish connections to the international sex trade.

Meanwhile, Day must deal with a personal life in somewhat disarray — her new boyfriend is not the perfect fit and her old one may be; her occult-delving mother has her own romance (“But this is my mother! I never thought …”), and she has some unexpected (younger) competition back at the newspaper office.

This fun and eminently readable mystery series by local authors Marie Vernon and Judith Weber (writing under the pseudonym Amber Adams) elicits comparisons to Sue Grafton and Janet Evanovich, or a grown-up Nancy Drew (it does have a spattering of adults scenes), all the while giving you a ground-level tour of the sights and sounds of historic St. Augustine and its environs. 

Their likeable protagonist pushes the investigative envelope by putting herself in the line of fire in a manner that will have you on the edge of your seat, flipping the pages and wanting more.

“Body Shop,” is the third book this pair has produced with Day McKelvey in the lead role. It will make you want to check out “Deadly Listings” and “Above the Fold” for more.

This is another local product good enough to step up to the national scene.

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